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European officials seek tougher emissions rules for cars

Oct 10, 2018

European Union officials are working on tougher auto emissions standards aimed at fighting global warming _ but which the industry cautions could hurt workers and consumers

Google appeals $5 billion EU fine in Android antitrust case

Oct 10, 2018

Google appeals record $5 billion European Union fine in Android antitrust case

What's new _ and what's missing _ in your next new car

Oct 10, 2018

Familiar car features fade as new technology arrives

Google brings camera twists, bigger screens to Pixel phones

Oct 9, 2018

Google rolls out third generation of Pixel phones with bigger, lusher screen in effort boost meager sales so far

Report: Pentagon weapons systems vulnerable to cyber attacks

Oct 9, 2018

A federal report says Defense Department weapons programs are vulnerable to cyberattacks and the Pentagon has been slow to protect the systems which are increasingly reliant on computer networks and software

NASA head: Space station hole cause will be determined

Oct 9, 2018

The head of the U.S. space agency says that he's sure that investigators will determine the cause of a mysterious hole that appeared on the International Space Station, which his Russian counterpart has said was deliberately drilled

The Latest: Google's new Pixel phones mirror industry trends

Oct 9, 2018

Google's new Pixel phones mirror industry trend of lusher, bigger screens, but undercut Apple's iPhone on pricing

California homeowners: Wildfire cleanup made matters worse

Oct 8, 2018

One year after wildfires devastated Northern California's wine country and destroyed thousands of homes, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' first experience cleaning up after a wildfire has turned into an expensive bureaucratic mess.

UN report: Technologies can help lives but boost inequality

Oct 8, 2018

A UN report says new technologies from artificial intelligence to gene editing hold immense potential to improve people's lives _ but can also drive greater inequality and social dislocation.

2 Americans win econ Nobel for work on climate and growth

Oct 8, 2018

2 Americans win Nobel economics prize for work on climate change and innovation

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