XAG combines XRP with one click to achieve decentralized point-to-point trading in the Ripple gateway

AP news, Xrpgen.com, the official website of public chain Xrpalike Gene, has released the information that Ripple gateway realizes the point-to-point trading pair function of XAG and XRP. Xrpgen.com released the open source information of its token XAG code as early as November 15, 2019. According to relevant data, XAG project has not carried out ICO, and was directly launched on the mainstream exchange on July 18, 2019. XAG main chain Xrpalike Gene is a public chain group based on the underlying technology of Ripple blockchain, with multiple sub chains.


As we all know, XRP currently ranks the third in the global mainstream digital asset circulation market value. Its network system is mainly used to provide financial institutions with safe and fast low-cost cross-border payment solutions, so as to realize the transmission and exchange of asset value as information on the Internet. I think that although XRP system has been running for many years, the reason why it has not been open source is that it is based on the need to maintain the security management between financial institutions. Internet media shows that XAG network is an extension of XRP system in the field of blockchain finance application. It pays attention to the construction of global self-finance underlying technology architecture. Users can freely and independently set up gateway and operate automatically through XAG public chain infrastructure, so as to realize the financial needs of different regions and different levels, so as to achieve the super expansion of blockchain payment and settlement in the field of private finance. This is also the reason why XAG is completely open source in view of the above market positioning.


The open source of XAG code can share think tanks and realize value consensus by different application scenario communities, so as to open up a civilized situation that promotes mutual trust and cooperation between unfamiliar s ubjects, maintains the equality of individual consensus rights, and carries forward the scientific and technological spirit of their own initiative contribution; at the same time, it can aggregate the global blockchain elite technology, contribute wisdom and strength to the same powerful public chain facilities, and promote the high integration of productivity and civilization consciousness, to build the mutual trust system of human civilization.


Moreover, from the transparency of the current XAG Foundation's contribution to public chain facilities, it can fully reflect the spirit of open source. From this, the main way for contributors to receive XAG awards is to automatically quantify the quantity of newly added XRP/XAG wallets, and the system will automatically make the corresponding number of XAG incentives. At the same time, all incentive data are run on the Xrpalike Gene public chain, reflecting the fair and open distribution of rights and interests.


However, the recent release of XAG/XRP offline wallet point-to-point trading information on Xrpalike Gene's public chain official website is an upgrade and improvement in the field of blockchain technology. It not only enhances the user's discretionary flexibility in digital assets of accounts, but also avoids the risk of centralized assets in centralized exchanges. From the perspective of technology implementation, the release of this information further shows the XAG/XRP homology characteristics, which enables new and old Ripple users and their digital asset owners to have a better sense of transaction experience, and further verifies the security and convenience features of blockchain decentralization, which will lay a good development foundation for the opening and operation of XAG gateway. Therefore, I expects that the majority of application nodes, gateways, community organizations and individuals of XRP and XAG can realize consensus and value consensus, and jointly create social value for development based on good underlying conditions!

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