RealEstateCake Connects Real Sellers with Real Buyers on Wholesale Deals

Jacksonville, FL - No matter what the market is, whether it is a good or bad economy, real estate investors seek to find real estate deals. The challenge for most is that the majority of real estate investors do not want Multiple Listing Service deals, known as a MLS deal, listed by a real estate brokerage. The thought is once a deal is listed on the MLS,it is a retail deal. Real estate investors want wholesale deals.

Real estate investors, meet RealEstateCake

RealEstateCake is a website/app, connecting Real Sellers with Real Buyers, specializing in foreclosures, pre-foreclosures, tax liens, wholesale real estate deals, and As-Is real estate deals.

"Off market and exclusive deals are what real estate investors want," stated Cedric Griffin, President of RealEstateCake. "Our focus is to be the premier platform for these type of deals", Griffin said.

Most real estate investors will meet a real estate agent and exclaim, "I am looking for real estate deals, but don't bring me any MLS deals!". Typically, the deals most real estate agents have access to are MLS deals. RealEstateCake's goal is to be a wholesaler/real estate investor's MLS. A Seller has no cost to list a property on RealEstateCake.

Griffin stated, "If I was a matchmaker, Real Estate Investors and RealEstateCake should be a perfect match."

Sellers list for FREE on RealEstateCake. However, for a person to find a deal, they have to become a subscriber which is $299.99 annually, less than $1 per day. RealEstateCake will be in 100 cities over the next few weeks. 


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RealEstateCake can also be downloaded as an app at Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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