Overseas high frequency exchange VEX occupies the commanding heights of the industry

With the continuous emergence of various digital currencies, the wealth opportunities brought by digital assets emerge in an endless stream. How to improve the transaction speed, transaction security and user experience is the goal that major trading platforms around the world strive to pursue. In particular, as the industry matures and large institutional users participate, digital currency exchanges need to be able to process large Numbers of orders in a short period of time, just like top financial markets. On the technical side, exchanges need to achieve a frequency fast enough for traders to buy and sell at the best possible price.  
The performance of a matchmaking engine is measured by how often it processes the TPS of each trading pair, or the number of orders for the same trading pair per second. Previously, based on the database matching technology, TPS generally only 10 strokes/second. Now it is basically using memory matching technology, TPS can easily reach 1000 pens/SEC, if the use of exclusive high-performance server, 10,000 pens/SEC or even higher TPS has become a reality.
VXE aims to build a high-speed matchmaking engine for the exchange of basic digital assets, and introduces a Token economic model that can only be controlled by contracts. At the same time, it meets the high-speed exchange needs of digital assets between various dapps and other terminals through a matchmaking mode with different processing layers, so as to realize a digital asset exchange matchmaking engine without trust. At the same time, the underlying technology is equipped with VEX Chain to ensure the improvement of the scalability, performance and privacy control of the block Chain, and support the flexible data architecture. VEX Net architecture is an open network to provide safe and reliable storage services. Atomic hash, trace the data source, ensure data compatibility, ensure the authenticity of product data; VEX IoT includes blockchain gateways, communication protocols between Internet of things devices and gateways, design specifications, etc. VEX AI distributed artificial intelligence engine integrates scattered data sources, algorithm models and computing resources to complete the established tasks.
With the development of the blockchain industry and the increasing number of digital currencies, the digitalization of assets has become an irreversible trend of The Times, and the demand for direct exchange between digital assets in the global financial system has become more and more extensive. Too many are driven by the interests of the footsteps only sprint, but forget that the iron has to be hard. The pragmatic side of the VEX digital currency exchange, backed by a strong cluster of eco-projects, is set to bring the chaotic trading market back on track. We believe that with the support of community faith and innovative technology, VEX will lead all users into a new era of digital currency transactions.
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