Weapons Technology

Group: US, Russia block consensus at 'killer robots' meeting

Sep 3, 2018

A key opponent of high-tech, automated weapons known as "killer robots" is blaming countries like US, Russia for blocking consensus at a UN-backed conference

Japan would boost missile defenses in record military budget

Aug 31, 2018

Japan's Defense Ministry is seeking a record-high budget for fiscal 2019 that would more than double spending on missile defense, including purchases of costly American arsenals

FireEye: Tech firms' secret weapon against disinformation

Aug 24, 2018

FireEye emerges as tech companies' weapon against disinformation

Taiwan improves missiles to counter China military expansion

Aug 18, 2018

Defense experts say Taiwan is responding to China's defense buildup by developing missiles and interceptors of its own that could reduce Beijing's military advantage over the island

Ecuador says it is launching security effort with US

Aug 2, 2018

Officials in Ecuador say they are launching a security effort with the United States in a further sign that frosty relations between the two nations are thawing

Judge blocks release of blueprints for 3D-printed guns

Aug 1, 2018

A federal judge in Seattle issued a temporary restraining order Tuesday to stop the release of blueprints to make untraceable and undetectable 3D-printed plastic guns

Texas company cleared to put 3D-printed gun designs online

Jul 26, 2018

The blueprints to make your own 3D-printed gun at home are about to go online. Gun-control advocates are fighting back, worried about guns that are simple to assemble, easy to conceal and tough to detect will fall into the wrong hands.

North Korea said to be dismantling key parts of launch site

Jul 24, 2018

North Korea appears to have started dismantling key facilities at its main launch site in a step toward fulfilling a commitment made by leader Kim Jong Un at the Singapore summit

CIA: China is waging a 'quiet kind of cold war' against US

Jul 21, 2018

A CIA official is warning that China is waging a "quiet kind of cold war" against the U.S.

Nuclear arms race is an expected topic for Trump-Putin talks

Jul 14, 2018

President Donald Trump muses about eliminating nuclear weapons, but he's also called for a U.S. buildup and bragged about his nuclear "button" _ and the arms race is an issue expected to come up in at his summit with Russia's Vladimir Putin on Monday.

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