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Hyundai unveils new fuel cell SUV with longer travel range

Aug 17, 2017

Hyundai Motor says its new hydrogen fuel cell vehicle will travel more than 580 kilometers (360 miles) between fill-ups

Former Michigan Rep. Vern Ehlers, a physicist, dies at 83

Aug 16, 2017

Former U.S. Rep. Vern Ehlers, a research physicist who served 17 years representing a district in western Michigan, has died

Merkel emphasizes German prosperity, security at rally

Aug 12, 2017

German Chancellor Angela Merkel opened the final phase of her election campaign by emphasizing the growth in economic security and prosperity achieved in her dozen years at the helm

For electric cars to take off, they'll need place to charge

Aug 11, 2017

Electric cars are gaining momentum, but charging infrastructure needs to catch up

Merkel rival Schulz calls for electric car quotas in Europe

Aug 11, 2017

Chancellor Angela Merkel's main rival in Germany's upcoming election is calling for a Europe-wide quota for electric cars

Electric car maker Faraday Future leases California plant

Aug 7, 2017

Electric car maker Faraday Future leases California plant to make car due out next year

Tesla raising cash in push to get Model 3 to masses

Aug 7, 2017

Tesla plans to raise $1.5 billion to fund rollout of Model 3 sedans

Toyota's quarterly profit improves on strong sales

Aug 4, 2017

Toyota fiscal first quarter profit up 11 percent on improved sales in U.S., Europe, Japan

US stocks slip, with bigger losses for smaller companies

Aug 3, 2017

US stocks are taking modest losses, with energy companies, banks and technology companies all down

Tesla moves to sooth worries about Model 3 output targets

Aug 3, 2017

Tesla's 2Q loss widens, but results beat Wall Street's forecasts ahead of ramp up of Model 3

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