Texas residents sue over water release during Harvey

Nov 2, 2017

More than 120 Southeast Texas residents have signed on to a federal lawsuit alleging that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers illegally took their property when it released water from a reservoir and a dam during Hurricane Harvey flooding their homes

Engineers: lives lost in Mexico quake could have been saved

Oct 10, 2017

Prominent engineers says dozens of lives likely could have been saved in Mexico City's Sept. 19 earthquake if officials had outlawed a building technique now banned in parts of the United States, Chile and New Zealand

Review of Dakota Access oil pipeline to extend into spring

Oct 6, 2017

The Army Corps of Engineers says it likely will take until next April to finish court-ordered additional environmental study of the Dakota Access pipeline

Hawaii man, South Korean national charged in bribery case

Sep 28, 2017

A Hawaii man and a South Korean national were charged in the soliciting of $2.8 million in bribes to steer more than $400 million worth of Army engineering and construction work to a South Korea-based company

Democrats want Trump to require sleep apnea testing

Sep 28, 2017

Democratic lawmakers from New York and New Jersey are introducing legislation to force federal transportation officials to implement a rule to test train engineers for sleep apnea

Collapsed Mexico school raises questions about quake codes

Sep 26, 2017

On paper at least, the Mexico City school appeared to be structurally sound and built to withstand a major earthquake _ yet it collapsed, killing 26 people, and authorities are investigating to figure out why

Nevada quake lab tests new bridge design after Mexico quake

Sep 20, 2017

Scientists at a Nevada earthquake lab have tested new bridge designs with innovative connectors to better withstand violent temblors and speed reconstruction following major quake damage

The Latest: Judge signs plan for US to pay for flooding fix

Sep 13, 2017

A federal judge has approved an agreement among local, state, and federal officials to construct an underground drainage system to prevent severe flooding on a New Jersey beach that was caused by the federal government's dune construction project.

Longtime Emerson CEO Charles Knight dies at age 81

Sep 12, 2017

Charles F. Knight, who led a period of tremendous growth as CEO of the technology and engineering company Emerson for nearly three decades, has died

Harvey began with raging winds, but its legacy will be water

Sep 5, 2017

It's too soon to know how many of more than 37,000 heavily damaged homes in Texas are salvageable, but Houston officials say some will be submerged in water for up to a month

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