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Lava from Hawaii volcano enters ocean from 3 flows

May 25, 2018

Lava entered the ocean from a third flow, marking the third week of a Hawaii volcano eruption that has opened up nearly two dozen vents in rural communities, destroyed dozens of buildings and shot miles-high plumes of ash into the sky

The Latest: 3 lava flows now reaching ocean off Hawaii

May 25, 2018

Three lava flows from an erupting volcano are now flowing into the ocean off Hawaii's Big Island

The Latest: Official: Lava wall protecting geothermal plant

May 23, 2018

Officials say lava spatter from Hawaii's erupting volcano is creating a wall that's helping protect a nearby geothermal plant

Workers plugging energy wells as lava flows nearby

May 23, 2018

Authorities are racing to close off production wells at a geothermal plant threatened by a lava flow from Hawaii's Kilauea volcano

The Latest: Lava almost cut Hawaii man's leg in half

May 23, 2018

Scientists say sulfur dioxide emissions from Hawaii's Kilauea volcano have more than doubled since the current eruption began

Science and commercial satellites launched from California

May 22, 2018

A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket has launched two U.S.-German science satellites and five commercial communications satellites after blasting off from California

The Latest: Commercial satellites deployed by SpaceX rocket

May 22, 2018

A SpaceX rocket launched from California has successfully deployed 5 communications satellites after releasing after 2 science satellites

The Latest: Hazardous cloud spreads from where lava hits sea

May 20, 2018

Scientists say a hazardous cloud billowing from where lava is pouring into the ocean off Hawaii's Big Island may spread as far as 15 miles downwind

The Latest: Hawaii lava flow may cross highway within hours

May 20, 2018

Two fissures that opened up a rural Hawaii community have merged to produce faster and more fluid lava

The Latest: Residents say ash not bad near volcano summit

May 18, 2018

A resident who lives several miles from the summit of a Hawaii volcano says ash fall from an explosive eruption hasn't been too bad.

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