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The Latest: Prices rise for new Samsung phones

Feb 25, 2018

The Latest: Prices rise for new Samsung phones

Google's digital assistant branches out to Nest camera

Feb 21, 2018

Google's voice-activated assistant is branching out to Nest's deluxe security camera in an expansion that may amplify privacy concerns

Pyeongchang Olympics showcases Korean self-driving vehicles

Feb 15, 2018

Self-driving vehicles at Winter Olympics showcase South Korea's prowess, and rivalry, in automotive and telecoms technology

Apple's new speaker making an unwelcome mark in some homes

Feb 14, 2018

Apple's new speaker is making an unwelcome mark in some homes

Virtual-reality field trips give students advanced adventure

Feb 13, 2018

Virtual reality field trips? For schools, it's the next best thing to being there

4 robots that aim to teach your kids to code

Feb 12, 2018

4 robots that aim to teach your kids to code

Recalls this week: laptops, chairs, lamp sockets

Feb 9, 2018

Recalls this week include laptops, chairs, lamp sockets, crystal mugs, gasoline engines

Catholic school may bar girl over Planned Parenthood sticker

Feb 9, 2018

The parents of a student at a Roman Catholic school in Connecticut say their daughter was told to remove a Planned Parenthood sticker from her laptop or she wouldn't be allowed to re-enroll

S. Korea gets flexible with N. Korea sanctions for Olympics

Feb 8, 2018

From smartphones to fuel, South Korea is wrestling how to balance sanctions on North Korea with its desire to show Olympic spirit in welcoming North Koreans for the Winter Games

Olympic video and VR: Guide to watching without a TV

Feb 6, 2018

NBC is making 1,800 hours of Olympics coverage available on its website and app, but much of this requires having a cable or satellite TV subscription

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