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Call transcript reveals new details in cyber expert's case

May 16, 2018

A British cybersecurity expert credited with stopping the worldwide WannaCry computer virus said during a jailhouse call that he wrote code for someone who used it for the malware for which he's now charged.

EPA inspector general investigating Pruitt email accounts

May 15, 2018

EPA's inspector general opens investigation into email use by Scott Pruitt

Security researchers outwit, bypass popular email encryption

May 14, 2018

Germany's cybersecurity agency says German and Belgian researchers have found a way to outwit two widely used forms of email encryption

Egypt condemns RT's poll on disputed border territory

May 12, 2018

Egypt has condemned an online poll conducted by a Russian government-funded news website on whether a disputed border territory belongs to Egypt or Sudan

Ukraine computer involved in Tennessee elections attack

May 12, 2018

Investigators found evidence of a "malicious intrusion" into a Tennessee county's elections website from a computer in Ukraine during a concerted cyberattack as votes were being reported in this month's primary

Walking robot maker prepares to unleash its dog-like machine

May 12, 2018

A robotics company known for its widely-shared YouTube videos of nimble, legged robots opening doors or walking through rough terrain is finally preparing to sell some of them after years of research

Italian researchers develop lighter, cheaper robotic hand

May 11, 2018

Italian researchers say their new robotic hand allows users to grip objects more naturally and has a simpler mechanical design that will lower the price significantly

The Latest: White House launches new AI effort

May 10, 2018

The Trump administration is launching a new effort it says could foster more artificial intelligence research and development to maintain U.S. leadership in the field.

Tech leaders to seek more focus on AI at White House summit

May 10, 2018

Top U.S. tech executives and researchers are gathering at a White House summit to press Trump administration officials on investing in artificial intelligence and crafting policies they hope will strengthen the economy

Carnegie Mellon offers new artificial intelligence major

May 10, 2018

Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh will offer the nation's first undergraduate degree program in artificial intelligence

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