The Latest: Attorney studying options in Kansas man's saga

Feb 13, 2018

An attorney for a chemistry instructor who is fighting deportation to Bangladesh says her office is considering all possible options to get him released from a Hawaii detention center and home to his family in Kansas

Chemist was on plane being deported when judge granted stay

Feb 13, 2018

A judge has denied a stay that would keep a Kansas chemist in the U.S. while he battles immigration officials' efforts to deport him to Bangladesh

Man facing deportation from Kansas gets temporary stay

Feb 8, 2018

An adjunct college chemistry instructor living in Kansas who faced imminent deportation to Bangladesh has been granted a temporary stay

Kansas chemistry teacher fights immigration arrest

Feb 4, 2018

Supporters of a Kansas chemistry instructor who was arrested last month hope immigration officials will be lenient because he has lived in the United States for 30 years without problems and has a family

Massachusetts high court to examine drug lab misconduct case

Jan 31, 2018

Massachusetts' top court will examine a case sparked by the misconduct of a former chemist who authorities say was high almost every day she worked at a state drug lab for eight years

Appalachia underground natural gas storage clears 1st test

Jan 3, 2018

An underground natural gas liquids storage proposal pegged as a major Appalachian job creator has cleared its first big hurdle

Nobel Laureates say change is coming for women in sciences

Dec 7, 2017

A group of 2017 Nobel Laureates have addressed the lack of female representation in sciences ahead of the prize-awarding ceremony in Stockholm

James Roday and Dule Hill reteam for 'Psych: The Movie'

Dec 7, 2017

James Roday and Dule Hill pick up where they left off on USA's 'Psych' for its 2-hour movie special

Dutch prosecutor tells AP that test shows container Croatian war criminal drank from held deadly chemical substance

Nov 30, 2017

Dutch prosecutor tells AP that test shows container Croatian war criminal drank from held deadly chemical substance

4 students injured in science experiment mishap

Nov 22, 2017

School officials say four students at a Catholic high school in the Bronx were injured after a chemistry experiment went haywire

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